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Freshwater Habitats Trust

‘Protecting freshwater life for everyone to enjoy'. 

Freshwater Habitats Trust is an evidence-based conservation charity working in partnership with people, communities and organisations to get the best results for freshwater wildlife.
  • Research: on freshwater habitats and species, focus on small waters and on catchment management.
  • Citizen science and education: develop and lead national citizen science and training programmes for a range of audiences, including academic institutions.
  • Policy: at national and European levels to support the protection of small waters.
  • Surveys and monitoring: to identify national trends, update species status reviews and support site-level management.
  • Practical management: deliver habitat management and creation with a focus on threatened species and clean-water pond creation.
Policy contact: Hannah Shaw
Press contact: Becca Williamson 

Address: Freshwater Habitats Trust, Bury Knowle House, North Place, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9HY 

Email: info@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk

07703 808523