WEL Members' Handbook

The WEL Members’ Handbook is your one-stop-shop for finding out how the WEL network works and how you can get the most out of your membership. It tells you:

  • Who WEL’s staff are
  • How we communicate with our members, and how you can communicate with the network
  • How our working groups work, and how to get your issues on the agenda
  • The services we provide 
  • Our governance processes, and our principles and procedures for joint working
  • How to be a WEL Rep
  • How we work with the Third Sector Partnership Council

So, whether you’re new to the network and want to understand how to make the most of your membership, or you just want a refresher on how things work at WEL, this handbook will be helpful to you. 

Please also feel free to suggest ideas if you think it would be helpful to include anything else in future editions.