Welsh Seas

Did you know that Wales’ territorial sea stretches 12 nautical miles from the coastline? At 15,000 km2, this area of sea nearly doubles the size of Wales! Welsh seas are rich and diverse in wildlife; however, over the years the over-exploitation of marine resources has left its mark. We need action now to help reverse the decline and allow future generations to continue to enjoy the natural spectacle of welsh seas.

The wildlife found in the seas around Wales is diverse, surprisingly beautiful and incredibly important. Colourful reefs and seagrass meadows provide sanctuary to thousands of plants and animals. Attractive anemones, sea squirts and sponges thrive within these habitats. Several giants of the underwater world visit Welsh waters, including the world’s second largest fish the basking shark and huge leatherback turtles. Welsh seas support internationally important populations of seals and dolphins (including bottlenose dolphins, risso’s dolphins and harbour porpoise), and the many dramatic cliffs and islands along the coastline are home to globally important seabird colonies (including manx shearwaters, puffins and gannets). For information about where you can see some of these creatures, view our map