CCERA Committee: Evidence for UK Environment Bill

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March, 2020

The Climate Change, Environemnt & Rural Affairs Committee sought evidence whilst scrutinising the UK Environment Bill; these papers were provided by WEL in preparation for NGOs to give oral evidence in March 2020. When Westminster proposes to legislate in areas that are devolved to Wales (e.g. in this case, the environment), Welsh Ministers advise AMs whether to vote for or against the Bill via a 'Legislative Consent Motion' or LCM. These papers predominantly focus on environmental governance and waste & resource efficiency, as the two main aspects of the Bill that affect Wales. 

As the Covid-19 lockdown began just before the evidence session, WEL members sent additional evidence that they would have raised with the Committee in person, for further clarity. This is the document below named 'Supplementary Evidence - Governance'.

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