Land Use

WEL members work in the following land use policy areas:

  • Access
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry and Woodlands
  • Landscape
  • Water

WEL would like:

  • Glastir to have the architecture and uptake to deliver key environmental policy areas (e.g. biodiversity, water, carbon, access, heritage, etc)
  • new legislation to enable all Wales’ nationally designated landscapes to realise their potential to assist in fulfilling the ambitions of the WFG Act, in ways which safeguard and enhance their nationally important “special qualities”
  • General Binding Rules (GBRs) to be introduced for environmental management, in particular for limiting diffuse pollution of freshwater sources 
  • support for more woods and trees where people live, so that every city, town and village in Wales benefits from native trees and fruit trees in their area
  • access to the countryside and connection with nature to be improved by safeguarding rural tranquillity and ensuring everyone has access to natural green space and wildlife within a short walk of where they live